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VoIP Development

The development of latest internet technology such as DSL (digital subscribe line) has provoke the use of VoIP among internet surfer as well as household. The Forrester Research Group forecasts that as many as 5 million U.S. households will turn to voice over IP system by the close of 2006. While VoIP providers try to convince consumer to switch their conventional calling plan to a voice over IP solution, the technology continue to develop in areas such as Wi-Fi.

Wireless VoIP Phone - WiFi VoIP

The future of VoIP is WI-FI. Wireless VoIP will improve call quality especially in areas with high rise offices. Again as more and people telecommute or work from home, wireless VoIP will permit workers to roam from one network to another using their single VoIP phone without bothering about internet connectivity and compatibility of operators.

Wireless VoIP will also offer great savings by enabling companies to change the way they manage their phone systems. For example, instead of having voicemail, caller ID and e-mail as separate services, wireless VoIP will allow people to retrieve all of their messages in one place, reducing the hassle of having different operators for different services and then paying bills in respect of that.

With wireless VOIP, people can download software and amazingly convert their phones into small PDAs or enable them to gain access to their corporate intranet. Again, increased bandwidth from using a dual handset will allow heavy internet users to download movies, watch TV or even do videoconference at fantastic speeds.



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